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No, there IS a distinct advantage. You've simply decided to forgo it.
I don't have NEARLY the hunting experience as many on this forum and I admit it, but one of the few truths I have stumbled upon is: When hunting, if you miss your first shot, you have little chance of taking a clean shot on an immediate follow up.
My limited experience has taught me that if the animal doesn't immediately go down, "DRT", it is best just to let them run a little, settle and die, then trying to shoot as they run. I have hopefully participated in my last deer drive, but the ones I went on the last few years taught me a lot about shooting at running deer and other non-sense.

In the case of dangerous animals, there is a definite point. In my area there isn't really anything dangerous enough I would be in big trouble if the first shot missed. Rabid coyote at worst, and the Encore as a club or my knife will handle that. Might not be pretty though. I usually carry my Glock when hunting anyways. If I were relocating to Alaska I would definitely be rethinking some things.
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