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I got mine at Academy last week for $549. Coming from a Glock guy, here's my quick review:

Pros - small, nearly pocketable in jeans (smaller than a G36), and shoots something bigger than 9mm. Comes with FO front sight. Potentially very accurate: With care, I can already hold my shots in group just as small as my Glocks, even with the grip adjustment for the smaller frame.

Cons - comes in a case that's too large to be useful, with accessories that don't benefit me. (I won't be using a OWB holster for a gun that's tailor-made for concealment) Trigger reset is good, but not nearly as pronounced as a Glock. And the big one: Light strikes. Lots of them - about 30 or so through my first 250 rounds in several different brands: Rem, WWB, Blazer - with the exception being American Eagle. And FtRTBs. Quite a few.

For now, I'm going to treat the Light Strikes as an ammo issue, as I'm sure quality SD ammo will be more reliable. I'll give it a good cleaning before going back to the range - perhaps the FtRTBs (which occurred more later than at first) will go away.

Sorry, this went longer than I intended - hope it benefits someone.
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