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At risk of this thread being moved from revolvers to the reloading forum;How much shooting does one have to do to get carbon rings from 38s that are so hard to get out? because i shoot on average 3 or 4 boxes (150-200 rds) and never have needed a drill or anything besides a bronze brush and a few patches and have yet to experience a problem shooting 357s immediately following the 38s. Could it perhaps be the powder? I use unique for 38s.
I;m thinking I had about 600 rounds of 38 spcl through my gun when I tried to shoot .357 mags and discovered the carbon ring problem. Fixed it with the drill and brass brush combo and now I just do it because its quick and easy to clean my cylinders on all my revolvers that way. Easier for a guy with shoulder problems and arthritis to hit the trigger on his drill then to run the bore brush back and forth with a cleaning rod. I clean more often now so it isn't really a problem.
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