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.357 took an ammo change and a touch of file to the left side of the rear sight to bring it to point of aim at 25 yards.

Took a lot of filing on the left notch of my 41 magnum to get the point of aim and point of impact at 25 yards to match. No such problem with 44 mag, 22 revolver or 45.

Took a touch of filing on my H&R 922 revolver to get the sights up and on target at 25 yards.

Nothing wrong with judicious use of a file to make your tool function properly for you. I can Kentucky windage with the best of them but when I am hunting and/or shooting for serious in a life and death situation I don't want to be mentally calculating range, '35 yards, point of aim for a heart shot should be 10" down and 12" right.' I want the bullet to go where the front sight is and I want my front sight on what I intend to shoot. Been doing it this way since 1964 when I bought my first gun and I don't think I will be changing my ways before I achieve room temperature.
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