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You have a "mix-master" Carbine..

which means that after made in WWII, it was aarsenal overhaul and sent to stores then reissued for use at a later time.

With the exception of "Arlington Arms" [ which is an importers stamp], the others are sub-contractor that made the various part for the Carbine.

Look closely at the stamp on the barrel below the front sight, there should be three or four characters there: e.g.: mm - yy

These are the month and last two of year, a short hand was to single stamp for 1944.

Look carefully under the rear sight overhang, you should be able to read the initial stamping of the mfg.

The Magazine release is "M" with and underling, that indicates the third or fourth modification of that item, for use with the 30 rd magazine, it should have a small projection on left side which give support to large magazine.
This indicates an overhaul in the fifties.

Suggest that you give a light polishing to feed ramp, this will minimize
"stuttering" of soft-nose ammo, especially if you use for home defense.

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