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I have a large amount of respect for TR, so I don't mean to be argumentative. I'd just like to clarify one part of my post. When I said more safety margin than a Glock, what I meant was the trigger has to move a lot farther from the carry position to the fire position. If there is something in your holster to pull the trigger, you have 2-3x more time to do something about it before the bang, because that hammer has to come alllll the way back before it is released. I don't necessarily think of it as a safety "feature", but it gives me peace of mind.

As for the takeup, TR is right that you either love or hate the LEM. I have a DA/SA HK as well, and I haven't converted it to LEM for a reason. I like both. For carry I really like LEM though. The trick to learning to love it is thinking of that takeup as a preliminary step before you fire the gun, not as the actual process of firing. I take up the slack, stop at the resistance, aim and fire. Of course for safety reasons, you don't do this until you are on target, but trying to pull through the whole thing in one smooth press does not work for me.

There is nothing at all wrong with a DA/SA, and they can be shot just as well. I just like having the lighter pull for the first shot. I think of it as a single action gun I can carry with the hammer down, best of both worlds.
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