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Originally Posted by SgtDog0311
Whoa... I didn't know states had definitive prohibitions on groups like that. Seems it would violate the right of free association.
As ScottRiqui stated, the statutes are fuzzy, and AFAIK none of these laws have been seriously challenged since the SCOTUS started taking incorporation more seriously under the Warren and Burger courts.
Originally Posted by SgtDog0311
I've thought several times... that Obama was not JUST the best gun salesman but that he was probably the best thing to happen for recruitment into... some stand-up militia's... they just seem like prudent folk wanting to be on guard on behalf of their nation.
As I've stated in several similar threads, an unsanctioned private group is not a true militia in the constitutional sense. I prefer to call such groups paramilitaries.

To build upon what Aquila and JimDandy have already written, the founders clearly intended for "The Militia" to be sanctioned by state and local governments* and controlled by the federal government at certain times*, which is why the Constitution gives control of the state militias to Congress and command of the militias to the President.

More of my thoughts here:

*[EDIT] Portions in italics were added to clarify what I intended to say. Pardon the misunderstanding- it was a botched attempt at brevity.
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