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I understand why you did it but don't necessarily agree with it and here's my reasoning:

.22lr is a whole lot cheaper than any centerfire handgun round and therefor will allow a lot more practice. The basic fundamentals of handgun shooting are sight alignment and trigger control, these fundamentals will transfers across all handgun platforms. While the controls on the various handguns may be different those basic fundamentals are not and any trigger time is worth it's weight in gold. If you shot the .22's quite often then you were getting a lot of practice in the fundamentals, you would however need to dedicate some time to your carry guns so that you would stay familiar with their controls and the added recoil and noise. I always shoot my carry guns last so that these are freshest in my mind (not that it's necessary since I have so many rounds through them it's second nature).

Since you've already sold off the .22 I would suggest looking for .22 conversion kits for your autos and maybe an LCR in .22lr to allow you cheap practice with your carry guns. If ammunition costs are not an issue for you then you can disregard all of this. For me, cost of ammunition is a huge issue and I reload my own, I can't imagine buying factory ammo for my guns, I'd never shoot at all.

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