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Assault, especially spousal assault is generally grounds in most states for denying you the right to own a gun. Doesn't matter if it was plead down to a misdemeanor or not. This ban doesn't go away, EVER. The thinking goes if you're willing to hit the wife once, someone you profess to love enough to spend your life with them, then you're capable of anything.

There's been a push lately to get all the NIC's records up to date. Lots of states were dragging their feet sending in records but they've all started to catch up. Chances are you've been a prohibited person since your conviction, but it only got updated with the latest rush to comply.

As previously stated, lawyer up. You might be in trouble with the guns you have.

One thing no one here mentioned but I will, did you include your social security number when doing the NICs? It could be a case of mistaken identity. They might be picking up another guys name if you didn't use your SS#. Happens a LOT.

Just a point of clarification, no where in the bible does it state your right to own a gun. Your rights are in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We had this discussion over on a NJ gun forum. Crying "God Given" does a lot more harm than good, especially in the North East where they think it makes you sound like a raving loon. This a PR battle as much as a one for the courts, lets not alienate people if we can avoid it.
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