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Originally Posted by PawPaw
I've got a Bushmaster that I've used as a patrol rifle for the past several years. It lives in a soft case and gets carried from cruiser to cruiser. Mine is the XM15E2S, almost a clone of the A2 I carried for many years in the Army.

I don't have any gripes about the little rifle. I use iron sights, run factory ammo through it, and have good magazines. It's accurate, dependable, and handy.
I think Dennis nailed it, accurate and dependable. I have a old A1 BM and a M4gery BM when they first came out. Both run great, I use M193 mostly, made some changes on both but still using the original BCG's and barrels.

Think MEAL
Take care of these four items and your AR should run like a Swiss watch.

This BM is almost a antique.

This BM well be due for a new BCG in another few thousand rounds.
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