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Rattle Battle

Army issue 1911 was notoriously loose. They rattled.
Another myth with no basis in fact, largely perpetrated by those who've never handled one that wasn't nearly worn out.

I have in my possession, a "Black Army" Colt manufactured in March 1919. Either it was issued to a high-ranking officer and rarely fired, or it was liberated early on. There is no rattle. When the pistol is dry, pulling hard on the slide reveals a barely discernible amount of play. With oil in the rails, it disappears. As nearly as I can determine, the pistol is original/correct except for the springs that I replaced.

From the bags, the pistol will keep all its shots inside a 4-inch circle at 50 yards with factory hardball, and it'll break 3 inches with my 200-grain cast SWCs and 4 grains of Bullseye...and it'll feed'em as readily and as reliably as it will feed hardball....and it'll do it from the original/correct magazine....also with a new spring. Hollowpoints are also no problem for the old girl.

I also have a 1945 production Remington Rand that was as near-new as any USGI pistol I've seen. Its fit and accuracy is on par with the 1919 Colt...including the reliability with cast SWC and hollowpoints.

Before anybody develops a case of the vapors over my firing these collectibles...they haven't been fired much. Mostly to determine functionality and for testing.
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