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The SAA and the Colt & S&W revolvers come close but are not as recognizable without close inspection. One glance and you know it's a 1911
That - or the fact that I disagree with that - is why I went with the SAA.

IMO the SAA is far more instantly identifiable than the M1911.
The M1911 (the original government model) looks a lot like the BHP, the Star line, and other semi's of the period. They look so much like other guns in fact, that they're frequently used interchangeably in movies and the general public doesn't notice. Sure, people who are very into guns can tell the difference, but to non-enthusiasts the basic M1911 just looks like a gun.

The SAA on the other hand is instantly recognizable, and - because personal firearms weren't popular outside of the US during the time period - is more inherently "American". Other countries didn't really have "cowboy guns".

I'll give you that Hollywood has exaggerated it's popularity in the old west, but as I once heard in a western "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend".
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