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Nullification of gun laws

Originally Posted by Boomer58cal View Post
About the civil war comment. If that were to happen today in the world's present economic state that would probably be the worst event in human history. The other side of our world is a powder keg. If the US fell into civil war Europe would probably collapse into civil unrest. The blow to the world's economy would be catastrophic. Without nato Israel's would likely be attacked by it's surrounding countries. As war spread east you now have world war three. I surely don't relish even part of that happening.
Then you agree that the soap box, the ballot box, and the jury box are more likely avenues of change than the cartridge box?

Of these you'll find that the soap box is far superior as a change agent than the others. But you must be consistent and clear in the message, and don't bother preaching to the choir. Be consummately professional and impeccably prepared facing the lions. There's no one here to convert. And ranting like some of the flamboyant faces does no good either.
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