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I've got an early USPFA made of Uberti parts (bought used in `04) with the setscrew basepin retention and Swiss style safety. I've got a Uberti Cattleman .32-20 (bought new in `06) that has the crosspin frame and Swiss style safety. I used to have a Uberti Bisley .44Spl (bought new in `08) that also had the crosspin frame and Swiss style safety.

Does your fixed sight "Pre War" above not have the V-notch rear sight and narrow little tapered front blade? I find these very difficult to use, even compared to percussion guns.

I have to amend my earlier statement. The only Uberti's I've seen that didn't have the pinched frame sights are the Evil Roy models from Cimarron. There's a couple other competition oriented guns that I believe also have them.

USFA strictly used the pinched sights on the blackpowder frame models and the nicely squared notch and blade on the smokeless frame models.
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