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Some good points. I'll bring them up over there since I am one of the moderators on imfdb. But you are incorrect about one thing Winchester 73. Sometimes there is proof. Not always, but sometimes. A couple of the moderators are in the business and have access to many of the guns used by actors in the various movies. Records are kept by the gun rental businesses.

For example you can see the cut down shotgun used by Denzel Washington in "Man On fire", the Beretta 92 used by Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon" and also used by Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" and the Colt Official Police used by Robert Stack on the 1950's television series "The Untouchables."

Perhaps a search could be done to see if it can be determined what she used in the movie.

However I do see what you are saying about the revolver. And you might be right about the possibility that there was a continuity error and Tyne Daley used both models. I think they're more careful about that now then they used to be.
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