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This past summer my wife accidently open-carried through a whole day of shopping in the urban/suburban parts of our city. Open carry is not really allowed here... She carries her LC9 in an IWB holster, and on this day, she tucked in her t-shirt and put on a windbreaker. But as the day warmed up, she ditched the windbreaker and went about her shopping and errands, completely forgetting that the butt of the pistol was completely exposed. No one noticed. or if they did, they didn't care. Lowes, Target, a Wine shop, and the Grocery store...

As she walks in the front door, I go out to help her unload the car... I said "your pistol is showing", she glances down, eyes big as saucers, and shouts "HOLY SH!!", loud enough for the neighbors to stop what they were doing and stare at us... She couldn't settle down that whole evening... she was certain the police were going to come knocking on the door, looking for "a female suspect carrying a firearm creating a public nuisance". I had to feed her some of that wine calm her down...
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