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I can understand your actions. In a way, it sounds as if you've arrived at the same conclusion as I, though perhaps in a different way. I came to the decision, some months ago, that having multiple "platforms", or hand guns with differing trigger styles and feel, was holding me back as regards shooting ability. So, I concentrated on two pistols, both in 9mm and both DA/SA, with very similar trigger feel, size, weight and ergonomics. My chosen two are not the same brand and/or model, but they are similar enough.

In a sense, you are doing the same, in going with multiple Glocks. I realize that you are not specializing in one cartridge, but, nevertheless, you will have consistency in feel and operation. Perhaps you didn't plan the streamlining you've undertaken with that in mind, but you will accomplish it nonetheless. I am willing to bet that, over time, it will serve to improve your shooting skills, in addition to the other advantages you cited.
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