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Round here it appears that way. Gun shops have AR's, magazines, and bullets (no box limit except Walmart). Walmart had close to 2000 rounds of Tul 7.62X39, 100 round boxes of 12 gauge, 40S&W, 45ACP, Colt AR15's. All at good prices. While I am going to hold off on my gun purchases this summer I expect the gun market to be flooded with people who are mad at themselves for panic buying and trying to get money back out of the gun they knkw nothing about. I plan to pick up loads of magazines and ammo (not wiping stores out though..) one or two boxes at a time, same with mags. I need Sig P226 9mm, Sig P239 40, and Sig P220 magazines. Plus some 30 or 20 round AR mags. I really hope I am right, and the gun craze will be over, and have turned to something glorious for us that actually enjoy the sport, and didn't buy just because they could be banned.

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