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Maryland members take note...

... from Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

(I signed an online petition about Maryland gun control, so now I get updates even though I live in Missouri.)

This is about the status of gun control bills in Maryland, and the need for Maryland citizens to IMMEDIATELY contact their reps:

Defending the Second Amendment in Maryland
Dear Defenders of Liberty:

Today is Crossover day! At close of session today HB 294 is dead. However, SB 281 is still alive, having already crossed over to the House Judiciary Committee.

We must not falter at the finish line. We know the vote on SB281 will likely be taken one day this week.

Citizens' Lobby Week- Tuesday, March 26 Through Friday March 29

We need to have citizens lobby each day this week. If you are available and willing to come to Annapolis, on any day this week- we need you to come and line up in the gallery and sit in the balcony as many of you did Saturday. It could have a very positive effect.

Plan on arriving in time for the 11am Session and staying for

Judiciary Committee meeting if you can.

Print and bring with you the SB281 information phamplet (courtesy Maryland Shall Issue)

Be sure to write your name and district where you reside and take it to the offices of your elected representative in the House of Delegates. If you need help determining who represents you go to MDELECT.NET

Let legislators know that you are there in support of your civil right to self defense. They may tell you that those bills are "not being heard today" or that they "are not being voted today"- assure them that regardless, you are "here today" to lobby as a citizen to preserve the right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Constitution.

This effort is aimed at having hundreds of gun rights activists in Annapolis each day this week to remind legislators that we care about this issue and we will not be going away.
Phone Calls and Emails

If you are unable to come any day this week, please consider making a personal phone call to your representative in the House of Delegates to express your opinion.

Maryland House of Delegates click the legislators name to find their contact numbers.

MDELECT.NET to find your representative.

Should you care to email legislators to voice your opinion you can email the members of the respective committees, or the full body using the links below:

Email Judiciary

Email Health and Government Operations

Email All Delegates

Thank you for your continued and tireless efforts. I am proud to stand by your side as we fight this battle to preserve the very rights that our Founders knew to be our birthrights!

Constitutionally Yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

Maryland General Assembly

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