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The RUMOR I heard yesterday at the trap club is that the US Govt. is buying up and hoarding ammo -- to drive up the price and discourage people from RKBA.

Trap ammo -- 12 gauge, low base, 1 oz. light load, 7 1/2 - 8 birdshot -- which the club purchases by the truck load -- seems to be available and holding steady on price. But then, it's not on the "list."
Are #11 percussion caps on the "list", how about .22 ammo? I personally think that shotgun ammo just escaped being caught up in the hoarding vicious circle out of pure luck because they had enough backstock to keep the shelves full and that cooled off the panic.
Ammo zombies buy up ammo "while they can" because the shelves are nearly empty and compound the problem.

On 9-11-01, several gas stations sold out of gas where I live. Thankfully, it's hard to hoard a significant amount of gasoline and the situation did not spiral out of control.
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