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We can debate this and that, and it never ends. The one thing beyond contestation is if you get as good as you can be, and practice your skill sets, this trumps talking points. Speed and accuracy kills. When you reach this point you will adapt to all the 'IFS' 'OR' and 'THATS" and sort it out by superior skills.

Putting that first shot on the bad guy before he does it to you is the only point of value ... no matter the gun of choice, holster, or church you attend or don't attend.

This pocket pistol tactic training is preparing with the most likely gun you will have most of the time. YES, a .500 will stop better, a 32 round mag will give you more shots, but, and there always is a but in life, after the novelty wears out you will most likely will have that heavy, large, and bulking monster at home, and carrying a small pocket pistol. So get good with it!!!

"If Ands and Buts were Candy and Nuts, everyday would be like Christmas"
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