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I visited the circuit court today and also saw a deputy chief juvenile probation officer.
They could not find anything for some reason and told me that it was possible that it was never sent to court and that the police department that arrested me conducted their own peer jury review, community service and all that. I was told that that sort of thing can take place from time to time.

I went to the police department and I had to fill out a form for a request on my record and was told it would take up to 5 days. I guess now I have to wait to get the documents and fax it to the Illinois State police to show the disposition/outcome. Hopefully the Illinois State Police can finish their "review" before I can fax it to them but I am pessimistic of it.

My biggest concern is that ISP simply denies me for having an arrest on my record without really investigating the disposition/outcome or that I was a juvenile at 15 years old and all the other details that surround it.
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