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That "militia thing"

What would happen if 100 or more men showed up at the local town square, formed up, said the pledge of allegiance, saluted the flag, and someone did an inspection? Every man would have a full kit, rifle, sidearm and ammunition. There would be no standard uniform or "unit". They'd then disperse and go home. No running around the woods, no diatribes against tyranny, the UN, or anything else. It would not be associated with any sort of protest. It would be a simple activity in an open carry state.

I have been thinking about the intent behind the Second Amendment (and state right to keep and bear arms) with all the swirl around gun control. I have noticed that nobody is bringing up the "militia" part of the right. I believe the Founders intended it to be a responsibility of every man to participate in at some level. Yet, today, nobody does it in any formal manner. It seems to me that very few regular shooters are prepared in any sort of way beyond what would be required for the next action shooting match.

I placed this in the "Law and Civil Rights" forum because this is a fundamental portion of the right to keep and bear arms. It seems to me that we should begin to engage in this activity independent of politics or protests.

This is just a thought, nothing more. I'm curious if others have been thinking about this too.
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