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"For those of you that carry in pants pockets - where do you keep your keys/phone/knife?
I never have room in my pockets for a gun. "

Left front pocket, keys, two pocketknives, asthma rescue inhaler. Right front pocket, J-frame in a Desantis Nemesis or Uncle Mike's pocket holster and nothing else. Left hip pocket, wallet. Right hip, handkerchief. Phone in the left front if I'm wearing a shirt without a pocket, otherwise breast pocket. Usually wear an old, small cell-phone belt case with two Bianchi Speed Strips and a small knife.

Kind of an unfashionable, lumpy look, but I'm 75 years old so nobody gives a good brisk damn. Least of all me.
"Don't let macho be your epitaph."
---Ed Lovette
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