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Kurt Russell again, along with the unmistakeable voice of William Conrad, in a commercial for the Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster, a toy destined to be taken off the market due to it's 157dB blast being harmful to hearing, of course. Not before I got mine, though. Very cool for July 4th and New Year's Eve, without the need for illegal fireworks. Can't find the original commercial which shows it doing all kinds of cool things, including shooting a ball of smoke. Wet a kitchen match and light it and hold the smoking match under the inverted gun and then shoot it. I don't blame my parents for my hearing loss, though it is probable that this contributed to it, as this was my Red Ryder, simply the greatest Christmas gift I'd ever gotten. Wish I still had it.

Also had something like those ThunderBurps, but I remember mine being bigger like the Chopper, but also green rather than black. At the same time, my friend got a tripod mounted M2. Battery powered, though.
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