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Walnut and Blue

Yeah, I prefer Walnut and Blue also. I would probably have a bipod if I really thought it would save my soul. A sling is good; a bipod is a contraption. There are three good positions to shoot from with a hunting rifle. The most important is standing off-hand. These days, too many shooters neglect off-hand shooting practice. In many hunting situations, one quick off-hand shot is likely all you'll get. For me, the next most important position is kneeling, as it can be assumed quite rapidly and offers substantially more stability than standing off-hand. If you have time, the sitting position is more stable yet. All the deer I've ever taken were from standing of kneeling positions. The bipod can be used from the prone position though it's not needed. The prone position puts right down in the grass and brush. It's wonderfully stable on the target range. But I've yet to ever find use for it in the field hunting. Militarily it makes you a smaller target to those who shoot back. So, what good is a bipod anyway?
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