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Depends on whether the J frame fits your hands better than the K frames ....

( J frames don't work for me at all )...and you can alter the feel with a variety of grips ...but I'll still take a K frame -- or an L (model 686) --- or N frame (model 27's or 28's ) in .357 mag over a J or K frame( model 10's are K frames too ) in .38 spl...but as you increase in frame sizes to an L or N frame ...they get heavier ( making them easier to shoot in 4" with .357 mag ) ...but a little harder to carry ...

but if you just want a gun chambered in .38 spl ...that's cool too.../ everybody should buy and shoot what they want. .357 mag is my favorite caliber in S&W revolvers...and I really like the K frame model 19's, 66's ...and the L frame mod 686's ...and especially the N frame model 27's.../ and I've accumulated about a dozen of them over the years in a variety of finishes and barrel far be it from me, to talk a guy out of buying another S&W revolver....

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