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Willie Sutton
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^^ agreed 100%. Nothing wrong with a .38 snubbie. Idiot simple, safe, and reliable.

Just put my old Colt Agent in the drawer for a rest, replaced it with a new .38 S&W Airweight snubbie. I can pocket carry in any sort of cargo pants (5-11 classic Khaki's stand out at the ones), with a IWB Galco it dissapears under a polo shirt, it drops into the pocket of my leather flying jacket and goes-away, and has all of bases covered.

What caused me to drawer the Colt and buy a J Frame Smith? It's amazing how much smaller a J frame is versus a Colt frame. Loved the Colt, but the Smith is just... smaller. 5 shots... yup. Make them count. Kieth hard SWC's all the way. Might sent it out for a hammer-bobbing, out of the box trigger pull is like silk.


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