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ill probably catch some flack for this, but ballistically, the 6x45mm isnt all that fantastic.. sure it allows you to use standard AR15 magazines, bolt, even brass by just necking it up, performance wise it really doesnt offer much you cant achieve by simply using the heavier bullets available for .223x5.56 such as the 75-80 grain rounds which in this weight have much, much better ballistic coefficiencies than the 6x45mm.. the .223 is actually a very well rounded rifle cartridge and its hard to improve on that in terms of performance (for the size of the action) or in terms of cost

reason im converting my AK from 5.45 to 5.56 has a lot to do with ammo as well, sure, i could buy a few cans of surplus 5.45 ammo, but then im stuck with cheap surplus ammo, corrosive stuff that doesnt shoot very well... and like the 7.62x39mm there will come a time where countries will stop exporting it especially since a lot of those former eastern block countries have been switching to 5.56

so basically what im saying is long term, your best option for low cost availability and well rounded performance is still the .223/5.56mm and if youre going to get an AR15 upper in another cartridge just to play around with id look more into the 6.8SPC/6.5 grendel options

the only reason i can see using the 6x45mm is it would allow you to deer hunt in every state and only require a change of the barrel
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