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resulting in a really loopy trajectory. Pretty much hopeless for hitting anything much beyond 50 ft.
I've hit man-sized targets at a paced-off 115 yards. Not every time, and not the first time (it took a half-dozen rounds to determine I could hit the target in the "belt" by aiming at the head), but not impossible. Figure-in a gun that was 40+ years old, with untold thousands of rounds through it, and the hitting would probably be more difficult, but, of course, the gun wasn't intended to hit anything at that distance. Ballistics is almost never the reason why someone misses with a handgun. Lots of people can't hit anything even fifty feet away, so there's no need for a service pistol that's capable of fine accuracy at distances much greater than that.

This was supposedly made up in 1910 for possible acceptance of the Roumanian government
The pics that I saw were definitely post-WWI, as the guns had M1911A1-style features, with arched mainspring housing and relief cuts at the rear of the trigger guard. One gun was an unfinished prototype, but the other was a completely finished gun. I think the pics are in Goddard's The Government Models.
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