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Looking for the best way to secure HD shotgun with kids in house

This is not a disucssion on the merits of locking your HD weapons, but rather once the decision has been made to do that, what is the best way to proceed and/or best products to use.

I've been look around the forum for an answer to my question and while I've found a few discussions with links to various products, unfortunaltly most of those posts were from 6+ years ago and the links are now dead.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to secure my shotgun (pump, loaded, chamber empty) yet have it realitvely quick access. We have 4 kids, 2 boys (14, 10) and two girls (6, 5). The kids are all being firearm educated, and I'm not worried about the two boys, it's the girls that I'm mostly concerned about. I know and understand the argument behind the inability of a 6 year to cycle a pump-action shotgun, toggle the safety and then pull the trigger. However I would like to, if possible, take one additional step of safety. One additional requirement that my wife has added is that any "safe" type solution needs to be conceiled from "easy" sight. We do have a 42" tall dresser that a smaller safe could be conceiled on the side away from the bedroom door.

I've been doing some research and I think the ideal solutions would be a small (<= 42") quick access shotgun safe or a Simplex type trigger lock. I've done some looking and I can't seem to find a Simplex type trigger lock (maybe I should patient the idea), although some are close.

Here are some of the items I've found.

Smark Lock
  • Not sure if this is Simplex or Electronic.
  • Could be stored under the bed.
  • Upon further review this may be exactly what I'm looking for.
  • Has anyone used this product?
  • Is it reliable?

Pro-Lok Gunlok
  • Not a combination lock
  • Quick access uses a combo of presses to open.
  • Key must be inserted for quick-access (why not just use the key).

Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center
  • This probably comes closest to the quick access safe idea. However it it s bit taller (47") than I would like.
  • Without the pistol area at the top it would probably be perfect.
  • The price tag at $400 is also a bit stiff.

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe
  • Even though it is the same height as our dresser, it is desinged to be wall-mounted, so mounting it even right above the baseboard would cause it to stick above the dresser.
  • I suppose I could mount it behind the bedroom door, but that would be less than ideal.
  • It has a Simplex type lock rather than electronic so that is a plus.

Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe
  • This is an interesting concept. I could keep the shotgun underneath my bed.
  • I wish it had a Simplex lock rahter than electrnic.
  • Could be stored under the bed.
  • Seems a bit on the expensive side ($270), but may be the best solution.
  • No reviews on this item, so I'm assuming relatively new. A little hesitant about using unreviewed products.

ShotLock Shotgun Solo-Vault
  • I've seen good reviews on this.
  • Simplex lock
  • All mountings I've seen show it with the barrel, up. I would prefer to mount it barrel down. Not sure if it would support that direction.
  • Would have to mount it behind the bedroom door (not as easy to access).

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