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More questions on S.374 The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013

I don't see an exemption for the obvious every day sorts of things we gun owners do every day we use our guns socially-

Stuff along the lines of but not exactly like:

Having someone in your party hold your rifle while you tie your shoes.
Loading your firearms into their trunk if you're carpooling.

For that matter-

If you do carpool, would that be a transfer? In one of the other posts, it was discussed that you can't leave a firearm in the common areas if your roommate is a prohibited person. It must be locked up in on of your areas. If your rifle is in my truck, and you don't have my car keys, did we just transfer?

If I fly to South Dakota with my new over-under, and check it on the airline, how many baggage handlers did I just transfer the firearm to? Now, I imagine there's some sort of exemption somewhere else in the laws for this situation, or every truck driver going from the Colt plant to a wholesaler to a retailer is now a criminal- Heck, for that matter, will I need background check to get my shotgun BACK from the Airline?
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