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and just how many snubs have 6 rds in them? :-)
This one does

Colt Cobra .38 Special

and while it would require a bigger pocket, this one does too

S&W M66-2 .357 Magnum

As to the OP, there are a few common categories that were left out. These include .32 Snubs (including .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, and .327 Federal), .22 Snubs (both Long Rifle and Magnum), .44 Snubs (Charter Bulldog, Taurus 445), .22/.25 semi-autos, and .32 semi-autos (9x18 Makarov is close enough to .380 that I suppose we could lump so-chambered guns in with the .380's).

I, personally, prefer a .38 or larger snub. Most of the .22-.380 semi-autos offer modest, if any, capacity advantage over a snub revolver and I trust the .38 Special's power, or more specifically bullet weight, more than that of a .380/9x18 or smaller semi-auto. Also, my past experiences with very small semi-autos and my knowledge of physics and the factors that can cause a semi-auto to malfunction make me distrustful of 9mm or larger semi-autos which are small enough to be pocketable.
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