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M1 Carbine

Newbie here, I could use some help knowing what I have.

I know for the most part I have an Underwood.
Markings are as follows:

Barrel front below site says Underwood, below that there appears to be a few digits, only one I can clearly see is a 4

Below that is the exploding bomb, below that is P
Underside of barrel says Arlington Arms ( I think)

In the front site there is a U

Safety release has an M or W

front stock band on left side has J.M.O.

Bottom of bayonet mount has EM-Q

Below rear adjustable site is 578345 (these numbers don't match what I have been told are Underwood Block Serial numbers). Ther are some letters under the rear site but I can't tell what they are.

Flat side of bolt has B_l actually the undersore goes through the middle of the l and B. Inside the flat bolt is PI and that is underlined.

The round bolt has a U on one side and a W or M on the other side

On the right side of the hammer is an S and on the left side is a W or M

There is an OI in the hand stock and in the sling knotch ther is what appears to be 5l HB or SI HB. The wood is beautiful, the metal all seems great. All function checks are good and I am ready to go fire.

What do I really have?...any help is greatly appreciated.
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