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I don't like the idea of having a loaded weapon on or in my night stand for two reasons. God forbid a badguy came in an I was not woken - well there is the gun for him to use against me -- not likely but it is remotely possible. Also I don't want to be reaching for the loaded weapon in a state of being half asleep. I keep my Glock G22 in a biometric safe a few feet from my bed with a high powered flashlight on top of the safe. The gun has 15 rounds in the mag, none in the chamber. It must be racked, the reason I do this is I am concerned that in the heat of the moment when I reach into the safe in the dark it is to easy to hit the trigger by error. I know it is that way and have no problem racking the slide as I take it out.

In my office I keep my 1911 in a code locked box in the desk and it is chambered, cocked and locked.
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