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I'm not a handgun guy ( do have them ) but I'm in to longer range rifle shooting . For a rifle I believe cleaning your bore a lot can and will reduce barrel life . That intern will reduce accuracy .You got to remember all that carbon and other fowling can work as a lite abrasive or lapping compound when running the brush up and down the bore . When your barrel has some fowling in it , that very fowling can work as a barrier between you bullet jacket and the bare steel of your bore .Leaving a little in there can help . If you clean your bore to a showroom shine every time you shoot . The first few shots you take next , the jacket of the bullet will be screaming down your un protected bore . Thats how I look at it for rifle bores and accuracy For handguns scrub away it's not like your trying to shoot sub MOA at 500yds . There are some of you that would notice accuracy issues with a handgun do to barrel wear . Most of us would not IMHO . Now if you got a match grade pistol by all means take care of the bore and crown . If you got a XD9 or 686 I would not worry about it .

That all being said . I clean my ARs really well after every shoot . Some say you can go 600+ before cleaning your AR . I don't want to have 500rds through it and then SHTF and I need to shoot 500 more , so they are always clean lubed and ready . Did I say they I mean it Really most of my guns I keep pretty clean but I don't scrub & scrub & scrub till there is no bristles left on my brush .

Thats my $0.02 let the smack talk Begin
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