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Wheel Man, I'm also in MN, and I have some of the same concerns about the CCW classes offered. (And mixed feelings about whether they should be required...)

MN law requires only that applicants show they've had training in the safe use of a pistol. That leaves a lot of room for instructors to decide what counts as "safe use," so there's a lot of variation in what's offered: if you look at course descriptions, you'll see everything from this:
Our range qualification is low stress and is meant to demonstrate your safety and competence with a firearm and is not meant to establish a threshold not required by the law.
To this:
Our goal is to provide each student with more than the minimum legal requirements to obtain a MN Permit to Carry a Pistol and/or a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit as well as resident and/or non-resident permits from other states.
The second instructor does have a shooting qualification in which students are required to hit the target for a qualifying score; if someone fails, he offers one retest on the same day, and states that anyone who fails twice needs more practice and can schedule a free retest.

Originally Posted by TailGator
When I see people struggle at the range and read reports like this about concerns at concealed carry classes, I try to remind myself that the people involved are at least trying to learn, and that they are at different spots on the learning curve.
Unfortunately, when it comes to CCW classes, some people really aren't trying to learn -- they're just trying to get a permit, as cheaply as possible, and there are instructors out there who are happy to oblige them. You'd think that people would get that shooting a handgun is a skill, and that proficiency takes practice and training... but common sense doesn't seem to be that common any more.
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