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again... I understand the "right" thing... but along with that "right" comes a level of responsibility... & if the state or government say's you should take a class to exercise that "right"... those students aught to fully understand gun safety, & the responsibilities that go along with it, by the end of their class...

just because "Johnny B" turns 18, & has never handled a gun in his life, ( other than in his video games ) decides to get one & carry it, doesn't mean he knows not to point it at something he doesn't intend to shoot, doesn't know not to put his finger on the trigger, etc... ( insert any gun safety rule )

times have changed... some of that may even have been taught in school, long ago... & when I grew up around here, Firearms safety class was a "right of passage" when you turned 12... the way the school systems are today, the enrolment of firearms safety classes is down for young people, & there are so many new shooters... ( ever read the newbies at the range threads )

I guess I just think if we really want accidental gun injuries down, we as the firearms community, need to work are educating better than we are currently...

OK... flame suit on again...
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