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I have quite a few Leupolds but do not like them on my deer hunting rifles. I've never had any real issues with any of them as far as holding zero or durability, I just don't feel that they are as bright (ie light gathering) as some others for the hunting conditions that I find where I am. It's not significant but in more than 1 instance that 5 minutes can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a busted hunt. I know they changed some coatings and claim to be better than ever so who knows, maybe I'll put one on a deer rifle in the future.

On my .17 I have a 4X12X40 VXII with the fine duplex and it is awesome. Love that little setup. I inherited a VXIII 3.5X10X50 with a #4 ret from my FIL, I put it on a CZ550 European in 6.5X55 Swede for my wife, she may not get to hunt with that gun much on morning hunts, wow what a set-up. There are others too and only one has ever been sent back for an issue which was promptly repaired and returned by the company.
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