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I understand what you are saying, & that these "trainers" are in business... I just feel that in both the classes I attended there were more than one person in each class, had I been the instructor, that I would have offered a free re-test, after they received more range time...

BTW... in the 1st class, we didn't go into enough detail the damages you could incur if you accidentally shot someone, & to just pass people that can't hit a man size target more than once in 20 rounds, with only the "stress" of taking the test, how would those same perform if trying to defend their lives, & if they fired a magazine full of ammo, where did those bullets go, if not into the target...

I have another buddy that's looking to re-new, & he just talked to the guy, "said bring 20 rounds, doesn't matter what gun you bring, doesn't matter if you hit the target, just how you handle the gun"... to me, that sounds like gun safety class... not CCW class ??? BTW #2... this is a different trainer than either of the two I've used, so I'm getting the impression, that is the norm
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