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I used to buy guns by trying to justify their purpose or role.

Once I became a firearms instructor I started expanding my collection. I justified it by telling myself I needed to become familiar with not only the guns I liked and wanted to own, but with those that I was (or might) be issued, as well as many of the major ones owned and used as off-duty weapons by our folks.

Then, once I became an armorer, I justified buying more by telling myself I ought to own an example of whatever it was that was covered by an armorer class (especially if I could buy one under an armorer purchase plan reduced price ). As the classes started to accumulate over the years, so did the guns. I finally discovered I didn't want to own some of the guns covered in some classes.

I know some instructors who have bought guns after classes which they've never fired. They just got put away in a safe. I know one of them who actually doesn't remember what he owns that's he's locked away in his gun room. (Why bother if they aren't useful, or he's not a "collector"?)

I shoot mine.

When I have so many I have a hard time keeping them all clean from shooting, though ... it's starting to become too many. I could carry a different handgun everyday with which I've qualified, trained & practiced and not carry the same one twice in more than a month.

None of my shoes, boots or sandals can "do everything" for footwear.

My motor vehicles have all served different roles better than others (cars, truck SUV, motorcycles). None are "do everything" vehicles (not well).

My knives contain different designs, sizes, configurations, etc ... and all serve me better in some manners than others.

I have different belts, glasses, jackets, pants, etc.

I could "make do" with just about any single handgun, but it might eventually involve more of a compromise than I'd care to experience. It would work much better, and I could cover more bases, if I were to limit myself to 2 or 3 handguns (if I had to).

I have some 9's & .40's I rather like to carry.

Not so much most of my .45's anymore, although I own as about many of them as I do 9's & .40's, combined.

I have more than half a dozen 5-shot snubs which see range & carry use (a mix of .38 Spl & .357 Magnum) ... but my assortment of full-size .357, .44 Magnum & .45 Colt revolvers only see occasional range use anymore.

Now, for the first time in more than 25 years, I own a .380 I've been using for range & retirement CCW.

I have too many handguns. There. I said it again.

Of course, I've been thinking about buying another 1-3 more (but not as quickly as I used to buy them). I've got a couple of armorer purchase program forms from a couple recert classes which I've still not yet used.

I haven't been an ardent reloader for almost 30 years, or I'd probably be buying more .44's & .45 Colts (again), and probably revisit my enjoyment of the .41 Magnum.

I'm past the age where I feel like trying to influence other folks about what they ought to own.

As an instructor, my primary interest is the skillset & mindset of the folks with whom I work out on the range (or in the classroom). Their equipment choice is either what they're limited to, or whatever they happen to prefer ... and it doesn't affect me.

When the day comes that I no longer keep my hand in things as a firearms instructor & armorer (meaning no longer having access to an agency range or ammo inventory), then I'll probably whittle down my collection and interest, a bit.


I just bought 2 new pairs of boots (and I already own 4 other pair).
Retired LE - firearms instructor & armorer
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