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SARPASP 12ga shotgun

Posting a follow up for the range time I had with my SAR Arms 12ga shotgun.

Over all I'm really impressed with the shotgun. I was able to shoot several target loads, 00 buck, and some slugs through it.

I used the standard door breech choke tube and had decent accuracy with the slugs. The 00 buck and target loads had a good spread pattern at 15 yards.

The one issue i had with it was that if i tried to slowly rack the pump it would hang when trying to chamber a round. I was being a puss and didn't do it in a fluid motion. Once i helped feed it in the chamber and then manned up and racked it how it should be done i had no issues at all.

Several people shot the gun and all liked it a lot.

If you have any questions in regards to this gun please ask and i'll do my best to answer.
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