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That was an excellent video. It appears, by virtue of the sheer number of pellets in the lung X-ray, that the victim was probably hit with either #8 buck or #8 bird shot. At any rate, the victim is very fortunate to be alive. These type of violent gang initiations (they can range from beatings to murder) have become a serious problem in many communities. Hopefully, the perp will serve all 35 years of his sentence, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Old Grump:

I think we are in basic agreement about the use of #4 buck inside the home. For up close and personal work, it is a fine HD shotgun shell. For those who live in apartments or have loved ones sleeping in nearby rooms, it's probably the way to go. But for those of us who live in more wide open spaces with no other loved ones to account for except my wife, a little more punch is more comforting to me. It is an individual choice and each gun owner has to decide where his/her comfort level is.
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