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I am not an expert in these matters. I have however had the same concerns/needs that you have expressed. I have armed myself with 2 options both of which I feel offer maximum performance thru barriers. They are both from underwood ammunition 1. .357 sig 125gr gold dot. 2. 45 super 185gr gold dot. Both max velocity fully bonded loads. I'm sure thier are other options but these are both good choices for you Personal Requirements. Please keep in mind these are at or near maximum Pressure and should only be fired from very stout guns with full chamber support. If unsure consult a Gunsmith you trust for reccomendations. I have shot the 45 super from my 4566TSW with a 22 LB recoil Spring and the 357 sig load from an M&P with a 24 lb spring. Just be aware these loads ( underwood ammo, buffalo bore etc ) require extra caution and Preperation. Another excellent option is a +p load from black hills or Corbon with the Solid Copper Barnes bullet. For Futher info go to stopping power. Net forums Be Safe.
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