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thanks for the replies, i will be visiting the circuit court today to see what exactly is popping up for the illinois state police. I am going to get as much information as possible and be well prepared with it before contacting my state rep/senator and the isp for further information and status update.

regardless of the outcome of my foid(hopefully approved), i will seek expungement of this. It seemed so minor and all seemed to have been absolved with the details i have posted in my original post but apparently not, although i haven't been denied and there is a delay it is not encouraging to have this sort of thing come up the way it did through a law enforcement agency.

I did have a question for those of you who have contacted a state rep or senator, would out of district or reps/senators who don't represent be of equal or greater help if you were to contact them? the reason for asking this is in case the rep or senator who represents me isn't particularly friendly of the 2nd amendment...
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