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My TC Venture 308 WS package Review

Hit the range today with the TC Venture 308 WS package. Here are some results:

The Good
-Bolt action is smooth and I like the throw. Short but consistent. Easy to shoot, action, shoot again.
-Recoil is minimum.
-The "included" 3x9 x 40 Bushnell scope was surprisingly clear and accurate. Great view at 50 yards and 100. Still clear and crisp at 200 yards but the shooting cross took up most of the penny size bullseye. Came mounted a tapped with weaver style scope mounting brackets. Very solid.
- Gun looks great and I will post pics to anyone that wants to see.
- Minimum time to zero. Did it at 50 yards to get on paper and then out to 100. All groups (minus a "cold zero shot after I let the gun cool for awhile) were sub MOA at 100. As promised by TC...See pics.
- Wow, is this rifle accurate. At least for my shooting abilities....

The Bad
- I may be done with cheaper synthetic stocks. I have a lot of wood and a high quality synthetic on my muzzle loader so this may be something I need to expect on a gun under $500. Still, feels hollow and you can see/feel the seams were it is molded together. Not a deal breaker. Looks great. Just don't like the plastic on this.
- No fixed sites or even a drilled holes for forward or rear sites.
- It is "not recommended" to break the bolt down. Found this strange as you can not then get to the firing pin to clean it if you do not break it down. It is self contained withing the bolt housing. There are many "how tos" on the net but again - strange that TC advises against this and/or has a set up that makes them do so.
- The magazine is plastic. And not solid Glock pistol type-plastic, I mean McDonald's happy meal toy-plastic. The follower seems extremely flimsy. I got two in the package deal so here is hoping...The mag is detachable which (for me) is preferred.
- WOULD NOT ACCEPT / SHOOT Hornady 308 Marlin Express 168 grain. And when I say would not shoot, I mean that a) the round would not fit into the mag with out force. When in, the follower would not push it into the chamber. I tried just placing a single round in the chamber. It took the round and Nothing. Perhaps I am there 308 (factory) rounds out there that a 308 rifle wont shoot? The round, when compared to Remington 308 did seem slightly larger in diameter. Also - the firing-pin did not even dent the cartridge. Just click...round out, looked brand new. Any advice/input on this is much appreciated.
- I shot 80 total rounds and 40 rounds of Remington Express Core Lokt 150 grains. Two of these rounds (Remmys) did not fire. Both were dented by the firing-pin but no bang. Tried each round again with same results. I am hoping this is an issue with the bullet/lot but it is a scary feeling. I have had this happen before with bad lots/ammo but never two rounds out of 40 in a pretty consistent round/load. Again - any advice / input is appreciated.

All in all for a sub $500 bolt action rifle / combo, I am very pleased. Great little gun. My primary concerns were the Hornady round issue, synthetic stock/mold, and the no bang twice. As for the accuracy, feel, and overall appearance of the rifle - outstanding. I would recommend it for an entry level shooter or an experienced guy/gal looking to add another solid rifle to the hunting collection on the cheap. Thanks to all those on the FLF for their input on this purchase. God Bless.

(1) Winchester X 150 grain (6 shots)
(2) Remington Express Core Lokt (6 shots)
(3) Winchester and Remm (3 shots each)
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