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Woman's use of knife with pistol

My wife and I were talking with my sister a couple of days ago, talking about defending oneself in the home, and similar topics. We were at her house. She told me that she practices shooting her 1911 and Glock 19 one handed most of the time, because she expects that in an emergency she would have her knife in her left hand.

I asked her to elaborate. She explained that her house has small rooms and tight hallways, and most encounters with bad guys would be at close range... I said "bad breath distance" and she said Exactly ! She fears that the bad guys might try to wrestle the gun from her, and she believes she would have a much better chance of retaining the gun if she also had a knife. In her words, "the SOB would have take the gun and the knife away from me simultaneously, otherwise he is going to be bleeding badly, either from a bullet or from the knife." At 44, she is tall and athletic. I think it would be difficult to tackle her thus armed, without getting shot, stabbed, or both.

She showed me the knife, and I recognized it... a heavy Bowie knife with about a 10 inch blade. My Dad was an avid knife collector, and when we were teens / young adults he gave me and my siblings a variety of knives. The Bowie knife was a gift to her long ago.

Now my question is this... Her plan seems well thought out, but I have never heard or seen of any training that emphasizes a pistol in the right hand, and a large knife in the other.

Thoughts? Not that it will make any difference what I tell her, the woman can be incredibly stubborn.
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