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.44 Special, 4 5/8" Ruger FT BH with 215 gr LSWC @ appx 100 FPS. That's my "do all" load, HD, SD, varmint, vermin, small game, tin cans and anything else that needs shootin'. When intentionally pursuing deer, pigs, etc I carry a 240 gr Keith @ appx 1000 FPS. Wouldn't be afraid to wind up a 240 gr slug to just short of 1200 FPS in that gun if the need ever arose. (I recently read that 240 @ 1200 was Uncle Elmers original intention for the .44 Mag, can anyone confirm that?)

Had a Taurus .44 Spl, 4 inch brl w/ adjustable sights. Very nice gun, should have never traded it.

Have taken a lot of deer with the Mag, but have come to realize that for anything around here it just ain't needed. Might as well have a trimmer , handier gun and use it more.
.44 Special: For those who get it, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation is possible.
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