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If you want pure accuracy, then the AR-10 is probably your best bet. The ones I've shot have been good shooters. They are heavy beasts though. The FAL is a good design, but don't expect MOA out of one. PTR-91 is a good, reliable rifle and overall would be a good choice, but don't expect sub MOA groups from this either. It will also beat the heck out of brass. My favorite is the M1A, but if you want sub-MOA accuracy I'd start with one of the Match rifles. Correct bedding will enhance the accuracy. Only drawback is that you're going to have to rub substantial coin on one. If you're going to scope it you're going to have to shell out around $300 or more for a good mount. I've shot all the above rifles and IMHO, the M1A is the best. It just feels right to me and the irons are superb.
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