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Got to use my Powder Inc. loader today. All I can say is WOW! Made for much easier and faster loading. Complete charging of the cylinder and pop it in the gun. Can't wait to get my spare cylinder. Shot 0ver 100 rounds today without any problems. Tried different loads and it looks like my gun likes 30-35 grains of Pyrodex. Was shooting low and to the right with lower amounts but shoots closer to aim point with the 30-35 charge. Still shoots to the right about 2 inches. Next time out will try smaller loads with a filler to bring the ball up closer to the end of the cylinder. Btw I keep my primers in a small medicine bottle and pour out 6 at a time. I had two primers where the primer material came out of the cup. I put them back in and they went off fine. Just thought it was strange that they came apart. Robert
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